For your convenience, we have provided a list of our most common questions and answers. If you are not finding an answer to your question, please reach out to us through one of the methods found on the Contact Us page.

A: Yes!  The Icebox is installed on your Local Area Network (LAN) and can be a backup target for any number of computers in your business.

A: The short answer is No!  Your computer is still running a backup, but it is sending those backups to the Icebox on your existing network.  Compared to our competitors that send the data directly to the cloud, with Icebox your backups can potentially run 10x, 20x, 100x faster!  

Some competitors may tell you that they also leverage compression and deduplication, but because they rely on your PC/Server to do the work of compression and deduplication, this process will further slow your computer down.  Since the Icebox does the off-site work for you, there is actually less load on your computer!

A: Yes, the Icebox is a backup target for your data.  You can backup as much as the Icebox will hold locally, depending on the model of your Icebox (Current model has 500GB of storage capacity)

A: Your Icebox provides file shares with which to write to and read from.  Depending on the backup solution you use, it can be as simple as searching for the file from the share or leveraging a restore job from the backup software.

A: There are many ways of restoring your computer from a backup.  As the methods vary, the key here is that you have your backups stored both locally to your network within the Icebox, AND you have your off-site backups in the cloud in the event of disaster or the need to restore from an older version of your data!

A: Storing your data locally provides for both fast backups and fast recovery of your data.  With the Icebox installed on your network, your data access speeds are limited to the speed of the Icebox (currently 1 Gbps) or your network which might be 100 Mbps).  If you relied only on the cloud for your data storage, your data access speeds are typically much slower, limited to the speeds of your internet provider.  Icebox provides you both secure and fast access for backups locally, while sending your backups to the cloud behind the scenes so you aren’t negatively impacted and so that your backups are off-site for disaster recovery readiness!

A: Icebox provides support via email during normal business hours.  In addition, Icebox will notify a customer if a problem is detected with their local Icebox.