What is Icebox?

The Icebox is a small Backup Appliance that is added to your business’s network providing for a fast and secure target for your critical business data backup jobs.  While the Icebox stores your business data, it also takes a copy of your data and sends it off-site or “puts it on ice”, placing it securely (AES 256 Encryption) into cold storage in the cloud.  

How does Icebox Data Backup work?

Because it is the Icebox that is taking care of the off-siting of your data, your PC/Server is not burdened with the load of sending that data to the cloud.  In addition, because the Icebox utilizes de-duplication and compression prior to sending your data via an encrypted tunnel to the cloud, your internet connection is not saturated, meaning that you can continue to use your internet connection for other business-critical needs.

How does Icebox Data Recovery work?

When it becomes necessary to recover your data, Icebox provides several options.  Icebox stores your most recent files locally, attached to your Local Area Network (LAN).  To recover a file, it is as simple as using the backup solution to find and retrieve your file.  If the file you wish to retrieve is from an earlier backup, Icebox will have your previous backups in the cloud and available at a moment’s notice!

How does Icebox Data Versioning work?

On top of all of this, not only is the Icebox serving you as a local data target for backups and file storage, it is also creating multiple versions of your data in the cloud!  When the Icebox sends files to the cloud, it also versions the data.  This means that you will have multiple versions of your data in the cloud.  Depending on your subscription level, the Icebox date-stamps the data in the cloud so that you have multiple, historic backups from which to rely on in the event you need data that had been backed up in previous days or weeks.

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